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Taylor Crowe Welcome!

   Iím Taylor Crowe. Iíve come up with this website to explain to anyone who is interested a few things about what life with autism has been like for me.
   All my life, for as long as I can remember, my family and I have been working to make my autism go away or at least not be as big a deal in my life as it could be. My dad has always said that if I work hard at it, it can be like Iím hardly autistic at all. This is what I always try to do.
   These days, many people who meet me for the first time think that Iím ďbarelyĒ autistic. This is really good and is a great compliment because I havenít always been this way. My grade school teachers remember how difficult things were for me and how hard it was for me to communicate or understand things. I wasnít always like I am now. I couldnít always talk or write like I do now.
   In this website Iíll discuss the things that are important to me, the things that are still hard for me, the things I find interesting and the things Iím doing to make my autism be just a part of my life and not all of it.
Taylor Crowe
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